8/5 Shenandoah Campsite (18.5)

August 18, 2013 at 3:45 pm

We said our goodbyes to DocSpice and Roadkill today as they headed into the city.  We’ll hopefully be seeing them in a few days when they’re back on the trail.  In the meantime, we headed out with determination today but only made it about 2 miles before we ran into Atlas sitting by the side of the trail.  We said hello and were about to continue past when he turned towards us and we saw that he was covered with blood. 

Once we realized he had fallen and was pretty dazed, we patched him up with my obese medical kit and got him down to the road, which was thankfully close by.  The nicest lady in New York happened to be driving by at that moment also and she offered to take Atlas to the VA hospital two towns over, where he was stitched up and diagnosed with a concussion.  Our good Samaritan took Atlas in for the night as well, and everything turned out alright.  We’re glad we were nearby when it happened; for the rest of the day we walked with extra caution, keeping in mind that we are always vulnerable, no matter how many miles we’ve gone already. 

We found a nice field for lunch nearby the road and an old stone foundation.  The spot proved pretty ideal until a bunch of teenagers in jeeps pulled up and started wildly doing donuts on the field.  Eventually these proud young New Yorkers lost control, scared themselves, and drove away to leave us to lunch. 

After lunch we ran into a neat SOBO who we chatted with for a few minutes before she said “well, I’m trying to outrun a group of middle school boys so I’d better get going.”
We had the privilege of meeting said group just half a mile later, and they sang us a song at their leaders’ prompting.  Most of them didn’t seem too excited about hiking in the woods or singing to strangers, but there were a
few who took their job seriously.

After that weird encounter, K2 came upon us trying to tie my shoe, which has completely come apart, back together with paracord.  We hiked with him a few more miles and camped at what Mark kept calling our Scoobydoo campsite, because it was a nice mowed section in the woods next to a creepy abandoned shed.


We spent a quiet night talking with K2 and woke up the next day to find him gone and a rubber snake in his place.