8/6 Route 55 and the PlantMan encounter (13.6)

August 18, 2013 at 4:01 pm

We woke up to find a huge snake coiled up outside of our tent today.  Fortunately, it turned out to be one of the less venomous rubber snakes that roam these parts.  Thanks, K2. 

We benefited from some more trail magic from our benefactor, Jeff (or Limpin’ Eagle).  We showed up to RPH shelter just in time to get some early morning hamburgers and soda, important staples of the hiker diet.  After cooking for us and Yule the Mule, Jeff saw us off and we continued on our way.

We’re getting into the part of NY that is more of a green tunnel, so there are fewer sprawling vistas and more bucolic farm scenes when we are climbing.  Today we passed a little town called Hopewell Junction actually. 


In the late afternoon we met Limey, Talker, and Peewee German at a deli right off the trail. 


A little too close to the trail for their comfort…

They were slackpacking from the house of a guy named PlantMan.  We hiked with them their last three miles and met the trail angel himself, who offered to take us home and feed us.  We aren’t in the habit of saying no to this, and soon found ourselves clean and eating delicious food in some really stylish clothes.

We stayed up late talking with Plantman, Smiley and LostnFound, and eating seconds and thirds, then we fell asleep in a real bed.  It was amazing.


This is a big tree.