8/7 Schagticoke Campsite (22.6)

August 18, 2013 at 4:08 pm

Slackpacking today! Plantman was kind enough to spend his day once again shuttling around hikers and slacking us 18 miles North.

We tried our best to bust it out quickly, but we were unable to lose Limey with his ultra-efficient British strides. We actually felt like it was a bad decision on his part, since our digestive systems were having a pretty hard time processing all the vegetables and beans PlantMan fed us after our steady cheeseburger and pasta diet. 


We’re back in the land of stonewalls in the woods!

He stayed behind us right up to the road where we met Plantman, then the three of us hiked the last four miles to camp at a ‘campsite’ listed in our book. It was actually about 20 square feet of flat ground next to a brook that we shared with four other tents and a hammock. It didn’t matter though because we had caught The Voice!!

All it took for us to catch him was a little Lyme disease. He’s a Mayfly we traveled with briefly earlier who was originally doing 20 mile days but recently got diagnosed with bad tick syndrome. He has the richest, deepest, loudest baritone voice anyone has ever heard and only a slight German accent and he spends his time hiking with people regaling them with stories, doing impersonations, and singing songs from his native Cologne. We also caught Kitchen Sink! We created a little wagon ring with our tents and ate dinner in ‘the courtyard’, enjoying our reunion.


This is another big tree. (The biggest one on the AT, in fact)