8/9 CT 4 (4.1) – Rain Day!

September 2, 2013 at 11:09 am

Last night we slept in a water bed, the volume of rain being such that water unavoidably pooled beneath the waterproof bottom of our tent. It was the most relaxing warning of a flashflood ever. As only the bravest and most extreme hikers can do, we mustered up all of our courage to pack up our soggy tent and call for a rescue.

Our good friends, Mike and Jess agreed to come to Cornwall Bridge, CT and dry us out. As awesome as they are for driving the 45 minutes to get us, they refused to boat the 4 miles down the Hoosatonic river to pick us up from the shelter. (Thanks, I guess…)

Turns out, the term ‘flash flood’ is a pretty accurate description. The entire trail, which is maybe ten feet from the banks of the Hoosatonic was under at least 4 inches of water, at times swelling up to knee height. Armed with the knowledge that we would soon be enfolded in the dry, waiting arms of the Wikle-Aldens, we had an immense amount of fun slogging through the rain!

Understandably, only one photo of this day exists – about 12 hikers were crammed into this shelter, trying to figure out what to do…

The rest or our night was spent with Jess, Mike and their friends having sandwiches, drinks, and a great time! Thank you so much!!