8/12 Great Barrington (15.4)

September 8, 2013 at 5:10 pm

lazy day, sunrise on bear mountain with the clouds, sages ravine, jess’ house

Today had one of the best sunrises of the trip.  Even though we weren’t at a particularly high elevation, we were higher than most of the terrain around us, and so we had the effect of the lower hills rising out of the morning clouds like islands in the sea.


We were lazy about hiking today, coming in to the road crossing to Great Barrington later in the day. 


Massachusettes at last!!

Jess picked us up and whisked us away (for the second time this week) to safe, warm accommodations.  The three of us (we brought our token German along) were well fed and housed for the night.


A cookout for us!

We’re finally feeling at home, travelling through this corner of the world where we have friends and family to meet us.  We are so lucky to have these people in our lives…
Thanks Jess, Mike, Chris, Meg, Deb, Bill, and the rest of the Great Barrington Welcoming Committee!