8/14 Upper Goose Pond Cabin (21.1)

September 18, 2013 at 7:38 pm

Today we set out from the shelter on a mission to reach the fabled Upper Goose Pond Cabin, where they serve thru hikers pancakes!  We are highly motivated by food now, so we set out at a good pace.  The Voice, perhaps because of some slightly undercooked three bean soup from the night before, was having gastrointestinal regrets and fell behind.  We pushed on, expecting to see him when we broke for lunch, but we were German-less after a long break and we realized we had lost our hiking companion.  We decided he would probably make it regardless and kept going, crossing our fingers. 


Beautiful, beautiful Mass trails.

We got to the cabin just as dark fell and were greeted by some leftover pizza and a giant crowd of thruhikers.  Everyone that we had been looking for was at the cabin!  We stayed up chatting until the unflappable Voice appeared and we fell asleep to the sound of people splashing in the water late at night.