8/25 Family Reunion Day 3 / Minerva Hinchey Shelter (12)

October 16, 2013 at 1:12 pm

We said a long goodbye to everyone today.  It was hard to leave friendly faces behind and begin the hike again but the reunion left us rejuvenated and excited to get back in record time!

imageBeautiful Dulce!

We started out at 3:30 and hurried along to get over Bear Mountain.  This part of the hike feels like deja vu after we hiked it last summer with a friend.  We ran into the crazy cairn section that we remembered well and this time paused to get some good pictures:


It felt great to be back on the trail after our vacation, and we made better time than we expected, climbing over Bear Mountain just in time for dusk to settle.  The terrain in Vermont has been a dream compared with some of its rockier neighbors, which makes hiking less of an obstacle course and more of a hobby again.


Looks like we’ve got seven days left to make it another 128 miles after today’s end, but I think we’re up for the challenge.  If we make it, we’ll be home in time for a memorial day family hiker feed with the Wallace (and Weeden) portion of the Walltoskis.

IMG_20130826_103112_367One of our favorite white blazes

IMG_20130825_185123_119We’re hoping this isn’t an inauspicious sign.