8/26 Long Trail Inn (20.1)

October 16, 2013 at 1:13 pm


Less than 500 less!  Reading this sign and the log book next to it made the finish line seem much more real.  For a long time, we’ve been disassociated from our ultimate goal.  We realized early in the trip that if we kept Katahdin constantly in mind like a dangling carrot, we would be crushed by the enormity of what laid ahead of us.  One of our major goals this summer is to be more present-minded.  As we have moved forward both in time and distance over the past few months, we have been more and more able to focus on the movement of our day rather than our nightly destination.



So today, to celebrate having only 500 miles left, we climbed Killington, Vermont’s highest peak.  Unfortunately the top was pretty socked in but we were lucky enough to have gotten a clear view last year.  If it were a nice day, we might have been tempted to take the gondola down from the top, but as it was we were glad for the soggy behavior of the clouds.  The mist filtering through the green mossy trees was gorgeous, and walking in to the Long Trail Inn from Georgia was another one of our major goals for this summer.  Guess who we found there?

IMG_20130826_205221_594So much blonde beard and glasses.

We stayed up late with Limey, Greenlite, First Gear, Delorean, Saga, and Talker at the inn, celebrating the moment we were in.  Hopefully being so present minded doesn’t leave us with a rough morning in the future…