8/31 Home! (Route 25) (20)

October 16, 2013 at 1:14 pm

IMG_20130831_111140_592Sometimes, when you’re hiking, you make logistical errors.  In this case, we had planned our miles but not our food correctly.  This is the primary reason why we got an early start and skipped breakfast today.  We had almost run out of food, which meant rationing what little we had left over the twenty miles we had to do to meet my dad at route 25.  Fortunately, our day started with a long, well graded downhill.  At the bottom we stopped and ate the last of our granola.


While we were eating, we heard music.  Soon princess Peach and Yoshi (the giant green lizard from the video games of our youth) walked by us playing some inspirational music on a boombox.  It wasn’t our first run in with Dartmouth kids since entering the area, but it probably was our favorite.  Inspired to continue on our way, we kept hiking and came across our favorite privy of the trip, also courtesy of Dartmouth Outing Club.  The kids are crawling all over these mountains and you never know when you’ll see the future doctors of America learning how to build a campfire at your shelter.

The climb up Cube was rockier and more exposed than we expected, traversing up big slabs, but it was a beautiful hike up and we sat at the top drinking coffee (one of the things left in our food bag) while a fine mist started to spray us.  The clouds covered our view and we took it as a cue to leave.


We had a simple day of hiking, and within a few miles of route 25 we finally caught up to Nutella, Saint Croix, and Orion, whose posts we’ve been reading in the log books for months.  With this final push to get home in time, we’re catching a lot of people who have been just a few days ahead of us for a while.  It was exciting to meet them because we felt like we already knew them, but of course they didn’t know us because we had been behind!  We were moved by our encounter to make it the last few miles and we reached my dad in the parking lot on food empty.  Good thing my mother specializes in feeding people.  We showered, put on real clothes, and ate until we couldn’t breathe before sleeping extremely well on the floor (we’ve realized real beds just aren’t comfortable anymore).