9/1 Moosilauke slackpack (10)

October 16, 2013 at 1:14 pm




What a day!!  We met our friends from back home today and climbed Mt. Moosi-lauke in style, with a huge group.


Between carrying slackpacks and catching up with our friends, we didn’t even notice the climb up.  A welcome break after our long days to get home!  It was really great to see everyone again and have so much support from people.  We saw Hagrid, Killer, Nutella, St. Croix, Orion, and dozens of other people on top and we were excited to be able to show our friends this fun side of the trail.




We did feel a little bad that we didn’t elaborate more on how steep the downhill was… Having climbed up it but never down it, we knew we were in for a rough hike, although we seem to have selectively forgotten how difficult NH is.  The descent was steep and all of us were slipping and sliding around on the wet slabs.

Afterwards we all went out to celebrate in North Woodstock.  Mark decided to fulfill one of his dreams and attempt an eating challenge.  He ate three pounds of food and officially grossed everyone out.  I’ve never been more proud of him.











We both thought that our day couldn’t get any better, but after we left the restaurant, we met Elvis!


It’s always a little bit magical to meet an Elvis, especially in Northern New Hampshire.

Thanks for coming out and supporting us, everyone!