9/6 Camping after Zealand (10.6)

October 16, 2013 at 1:15 pm

IMG_20130906_104914_879It was cold this morning!  We got one of our latest camping starts yet, and were the last ones out of the campsite.  It was so hard to get out of our bags after we were spoiled with Vermont’s summer weather (not to mention four days in a real house).  We did fight off the desire to hibernate eventually and force ourselves to get moving.  After yesterday’s freezing temperatures and fierce wind gusts, we were expecting to face a rough morning on top of Garfield, but of all things the wind had died down and the sun had come out.  The day was clear and warm enough to be comfortable hiking weather, and we were able to stop and enjoy the view from Garfield.

IMG_20130906_132745_619We hit Galehead Hut today, which seems to reliably employ friendly workers who have always been kind to us and let us use their facilities while we’re hiking by.  They had just made cookie bars and we greedily ate the samples they gave us.  Orion, Nutella, and St. Croix were there and we got to catch up with them.  We seem to be moving similar paces so we’re looking forward to having some new traveling companions while we wait for the other members of our crew to catch up.  (First Gear and Greenlite are actually ahead of us, but only because they plan to take the next couple days off for a wedding).

IMG_20130906_165115_187We realized it was getting late in the day as we sat on the porch of Galehead drinking coffee and talking to Orion, and we finally broke off from the beautiful view and good company to actually do some miles.  We reached Zealand Falls Hut at dinnertime and inquired about work for stay, but some others had beaten us to it.  Marathon John was there and thought it was funny that his slow and steady hiking pace beat us because we were too lazy to wake up this morning.  It was good to catch up but the sun was getting low so we headed on, following a tip from the hut crew and a stealth camping list sent to us by a friend.  We found a great camping spot in the woods past the Ethan Pond Trail junction and discovered that we were camping with Orion as well as Ash and LoBo, who were another couple of hikers we only just met yesterday.  It is amazing that we are still running into new people.  We stayed up late into the night talking with the three of them and fell asleep to a slightly warmer night.