9/15 Mahoosuc Notch (7.6)

October 16, 2013 at 1:18 pm

IMG_20130915_110453_418Well, Joe saw the darker side of the trail, but we are really glad he visited when he did.  It was easier to say goodbye to him knowing that we’d be back home with our friends and family soon…ish.  All we have to do is find a way through Maine.  The hardest trail we have to hike is still a mental one; It is hard to continue to hike towards Katahdin in Maine when you feel so far from seeing it.


Today did clear up a little from the pea soup we had had on the poorly named Mt. Success the day before.  We started out a little hesitantly after our previous day and our fears were confirmed.


The trail to Mahoosuc Notch was nothing easy.  Still, we were determined to get through the notch today.  We hiked with Ketchup, who loves Maine for its delightful mud baths, and witnessed first hand the argument for carrying a ‘bog whistle’ when we had to pull him out of waist deep goop.  By the time we reached the notch, we were all pretty muddy.

IMG_20130915_131945_804Ketchup called it quits there since he had hiked quite a bit more than us that day, coming from the shelter before ours and catching us due to another one of our classic late starts.  But we pushed on.

IMG_20130915_125153_443We only had two hours of light left so we made a judgement call that we would rather hike over the boulders in the dark than in the rain tomorrow, and plunged into the thick of the jumble.  It was a lot of fun, actually, and about what we had expected.


Everyone has talked the notch up to us so much, we were wondering what it would really be like.  It was a blast!  Knowing that it would be very slow going, we felt no time pressure beyond the sun, and we ended up having the time to play around on the rocks a little.  We got through in two hours after all, and set up camp by the last light of the day right next to Sly Fox.  We’ll be going up the arm tomorrow in some rain, but for us, the important thing for our peace of mind is that we are past the notch.


 Photos from the Mahoosuc Notch experience:



Mark entering the notch


Not an easy squeeze


Yup, through there.


…And up there…