9/18 South Arm Road (Cabin Part 2) (10.1)

October 16, 2013 at 1:18 pm

IMG_20130918_090712_794Today we slack packed!!  Dirty cheaters that we are, we just did ten miles to the next road, going over Wyman, Hall, and Moody Mountains with day packs.  It was lovely.  Davey Crockett hiked with us and we were relieved again to verify that the trail is much nicer now under the watchful eye of the MATC.  We had a lot of fun chatting while we hiked and were glad to get to know Davey, a sweet Southern kid with a serious drawl and an introspective nature.  Despite the beautiful weather and early fall foliage, the rest of the day we spent hanging out at the Cabin watching movies with hikers.  Some of the movie choices were actually about people hiking.  It made a lot of sense at the time.  We’re seriously thinking about just living at the Cabin for the rest of the fall.