9/19 Bemis Stream Campsite (12.2)

October 16, 2013 at 1:18 pm

The top of Old Blue

Today we left the Cabin.  Part of our Camptember strategy has involved eating whatever we want (not that we’ve been particularly restrained so far on the trip.)  We do seem to be regressing, though; lately we’ve been shopping for our resupply like children, throwing pounds of candy into our shopping carts with total abandon.  We started out today with about five days of impulsive food buys on our backs.  Unfortunately, impulsive food weighs more than well thought out purchases, and in no time Davey Crockett and Ketchup had sprinted ahead of us up the mountain.

This was alright, because it let us enjoy the serene beauty of Old Blue and the Bemis Mountain range privately.  Although the names conjure up images of well loved hunting dogs in Alabama, they are beautiful mountains.  The bald tops spread out and offer stunning open views of the surrounding mountains.  We had a perfect clear day to enjoy them on, and we spent some time just lying in the sun on top of Old Blue.


Neither of us is particularly traditional – an admission that may not come as a shock to those readers who think walking 2200 miles is eccentric – but we are both clearly romantics.  I grew up with very romantic stories from my mother and grandmother about meeting a man and knowing he was their soulmate.  Although I loved these stories, I have spent a lot of time attaching lead balloons to my ankles to dismiss my own buoyancy.  It might be surprising to people who know me that I expend a lot of energy cultivating pragmatism and hiding my more sensitive emotions behind sarcasm (assuming, I suppose, that I ever succeed in this).  That being said, I can’t deny that I have wanted to spend my life with Mark ever since our first conversation.  We have driven across the country together twice, climbed into and out of the Grand Canyon, rock climbed (against Mark’s will) around the West Coast, faced happiness and sorrow, risked life and death situations, and weathered both six months apart while I was in Americorps as well as six months together hiking one of the longest trails in the world. I couldn’t imagine another person that I would want to share that mountain top with today, and so when he asked me to marry him, I said yes.

We camped that night privately in a wide flat campsite strewn with pine needles next to Bemis Stream.  It was nice having a fire with just the two of us.  We caught up to quite a bubble through NH and although it’s definitely preferable at the end to be traveling with a group that we like, it’s also nice to have days alone again.  We’ve been through a lot with each other, and today was a nice day to remember that, and to remember how strong we are together.