9/20 Piazza Rock Lean-to (16)

October 16, 2013 at 1:18 pm


Today started with a short climb up to ME 17, which actually had some amazing views!  It is hard to believe that we started without leaves on the trees and now we’re watching them change color and fall again.  We are entering our third season on the AT, and finding Maine to be full of hidden beauty spots.  Indian Paintbrush and Winterberry are everywhere, adding accents to the early fall.  Sabbath Day Pond had a surprisingly sandy beach and clear blue water and we stopped there for a snack.


We were excited to get to Piazza Rock  lean-to and see its privy.  It was a two-seater with a cribbage board.  We have yet to find out if anyone has actually used it for its intended purpose, but we did notice a disappointing lack of playing cards in there.


At the lean-to we found a whole slew of people.  Nutella, St. Croix, Orion, Davey Crocket, Walmat, Bojangles, and Ketchup were all sitting around a roaring campfire when we showed up.  After another beautiful clear day we had a great night sharing stories and passing whiskey around the campfire.  Maine is definitely approaching ‘the way life should be.’