9/24 Zero in Stratton

October 25, 2013 at 3:38 pm

IMG_20130925_095909_541We did our laundry and resupply today and all the while kept an eye on the mountain.  It was shrouded in clouds during our errands, and as the day went on the sky started spitting rain and sleet.  We weren’t planning to take a zero in Stratton but it was starting to look like a really good option.  We already didn’t need much convincing when Snakebite and Hagrid both sent us texts from the shelter up by the Bigelows saying that everything was miserable and covered in ice.  So, we checked back into the motel!

IMG_20130925_101707_685We’re actually quite excited about this, because Stratton has been amazing to us so far.  At dinner, the town Deacon introduced himself and kept us entertained.  At the laundromat, not only did everyone introduce themselves but we adopted our own personal trail angel who drove us around (she even gave Mark some pants to wear in place of the sleeping bag liner he had wrapped around him like a sarong.  Evidently this isn’t appropriate town garb.)  We have a scheduled ride back to the trail tomorrow, and the diner across the street has incredible food and seems to adopt hikers.


Grandma Snakebite.

We were at the diner across the street when we saw Snakebite wandering forlornly in the street with a shopping bag full of jackets.  Apparently he created the ‘reverse slack pack’ by leaving his bag in the shelter five miles up and running back down to town.  He decided, much as we did, that he would rather be warm in town than freezing in a shelter.  Then he broke all conventions regarding hikers being lazy about miles they don’t have to do and hiked Southbound.

To make things better, the Voice showed up!  He caught us, even after he got Lyme disease AND Northern NORO.  Now that he’s actually not ailing, though, he will probably fly ahead of us.  Still, it was a great reunion in Stratton and we ran into DocSpice, Roadkill, and many others.  We decided with Snakebite that we’re going to buy a home in Stratton and vacation here.  This is the friendliest town on the AT.