9/26 West Carry Pond Lean-to (12.6)

October 25, 2013 at 3:52 pm

Class of 2013 at mile 2013!

We all got moving mid morning today, with Limey, Greenlite, and First Gear in the lead as usual.  Snakebite and the two of us sat around the morning fire for a bit but finally got our act together.  Our focus has really shifted away from hiking and towards camping.  The view from Little Bigelow was a little cloudy but lovely.  The contrast of the leaves on stormy skies is so striking, it’s hard to even be disappointed by an overcast day in Maine.

IMG_20130926_131244_370We came across a beautiful sandy beach today with a driftwood lean-to someone had built.  Whoever put it up knew what they were doing; it was surprisingly sturdy.  Not quite big enough for the six of us, though.  Limey and Snakebite hiked ahead with us while Greenlite and First Gear lagged behind a little.  We walked through fiery leaf displays and past crystal clear lakes to West Carry Pond Lean-to, where the four of us decided we should wait for the other two.

IMG_20130926_132424_993When they didn’t show up after a while, we decided they might have missed a tricky turn earlier on the trail (that I only caught because the group alerted me, I hesitate to admit).  We fixed up the fire ring by adding some extra benches and had a roaring campfire going by the time they showed up later.  The lean-to was right next to a lake and all night we could hear the loon calls echoing across it.  After hot cocoa and conversation around the fire, we drifted off in the shelter to the eerie loon sounds.


Greenlite and First Gear



The view from Little Bigelow


Greenlite has a stick!