9/29 Camping at Piscataquis River (15.3)

October 25, 2013 at 4:11 pm


The whole group cleared out early today to see sunrise on Moxie Bald.  Of course, we were guilty again of sleeping in.  We did wake up uncharacteristically early for us, though, and managed to make it to the top in time to still see the early morning sun and catch our fellow hikers in the act of napping!  The weather was right; the Indian summer was in full bloom and it was warm and pleasant on the rocks at the top.


The warm weather and cloudless sky really made it feel like a lazy day.  We had a long flat stretch but we couldn’t help but take our time on it, since we seemed to pass a view point every mile.  When we got to Moxie Bald Mountain Lean-to, we discovered that we had once again tracked down the rest of the crew, who were on rock overlooking the lake.  It was impossible not to join them, but only Snakebite was bold enough to go in the water.  We all stopped again to ford the Piscataquis and found a perfect campsite on the other side.  IMG_20130929_110430_532

We’re glad we forded in the evening rather than waiting for tomorrow morning to jump in the icy water.


Limey Kinte in his new hairband

Tomorrow we’ll all be in Monson, the last trail town before the Hundred Mile Wilderness.  It was strange to think around the campfire that night that we were so close to the brink of our last stretch of trail, and conversation kept turning back to this as we listened to the rushing river.  Our usual enthusiasm for beer and burgers that comes the night before town was strangely tempered by this realization.  We are all really going to miss each other’s companionship and the strange safety inherent in always having an adventure ahead.



IMG_20130929_094816_072IMG_20130929_200055_719 IMG_20130929_200037_291