9/30 Monson (6.7)

October 25, 2013 at 4:15 pm

IMG_20130930_085115_839Woke up with a quick walk ahead of us today!  Just a couple hours got us into Monson, and then we spent the day being remarkably lazy.  Wanting to take full advantage of our last trail town, we did all our normal chores and then laid like vegetables in front of a television drinking beer, eating icecream, and watching Hocus Pocus.  It wasn’t exactly a picture for our finish card, but it was nice to feel like people again.  Lazy, lazy people.


View from the Lakeshore House

We are very glad we sent ourselves food packages now because the resupply in Monson was one gas station that didn’t have much left after the hikers came through.  We also got some amazing care packages from friends that included but were not limited to: moonshine, delicious jerky, chocolate, inspirational letters, and a small framed picture of Paul Ryan to guide us through the Hundred Mile Wilderness.  Wow.  Thanks guys.


The bunkroom at Shaw’s.

The last package we picked up (it looked like we were moving into the hostel when we came back from the post office) was new boots!  It seems a little silly to get new boots with 120 miles left, but my old shoes have just about fallen off my feet again.  I expected my feet to grow and anticipated getting a bigger size; what I did not realize is that my feet would only grow wider, not longer.  I now require a roomy double wide to tame my obese feet.  But, I’m ready for all the mud the Hundred Miles has to offer; no more holey shoes sponging up the bog water.  From now on, dry feet!


View from the Lakeshore House 2.0 – sunsets make everything better.

While in town, we must have run into fifty hikers.  Everyone seems to be in Monson right now.  There was even a giant hiker party above one of the businesses in town.  It was a blast to reunite with everyone, but we were craving down time more than anything.  Every time we transition from the woods into ‘civilization’ (even when that only means a town with four hundred people), it feels so overwhelming.  Especially now, knowing that this is all going to come to an end so soon.

By the end of the day we had seen almost everyone we were looking for – except Lady Mac and Flicka.  We were about to head to bed when Lady Mac herself burst into the door of Shaw’s.  Behind her was Snacks, who we hadn’t seen since back in Virginia!  We were so excited to reunite the Wolfpack and made plans to catch each other on trail.  In the meantime, the two of them headed back to Lady Mac’s grandparents’ camper.  Her grandparents are meeting them along the way with soup, a warm bed, and all the great things that grandparents bring.  We’re quite jealous.

Onward to the Hundred Mile Wilderness!