10/4 Whitecap Range and Cooper Brook Falls Lean-to (17.1)

October 25, 2013 at 4:49 pm

IMG_20131004_104746_405We woke up to Walmart incredulously asking in a loud voice “What kind of hikers aren’t up by six AM?!” as he gleefully bounded through our campsite.  We were already packed and fed by the time Snacks had a breakfast fire going this morning.  LadyMac had her hands full between waking up a disgruntled Husky and preventing Snacks from burning the forest down, so she started up a little later than us.  Part way up the mountain we found Grizzly Giant crying, which was not what I expected.  Actually he had taken a branch to the eye and failed to blink in time.  We tried to help but couldn’t offer much; our first aid kit was pretty inadequate when it came to eye injury – it would have to be only moral support.  By the time we continued on he seemed to be doing a lot better.


Katahdin, growing steadily closer

Saint Croix, Nutella, and Flatfoot caught up to us and we began hiking in a long hiker train.  Soon after Snacks caught us and everyone shouted greetings back to him.  After a few minutes more of hiking along with the group, a Southbounder met us and asked everyone’s name.  We went down the list until we got to Snacks, and then there was a pause.  “Um, Coon and Slick.”  Everyone turned around and realized that Snacks wasn’t with us at all; instead, it was Coon and Slick, who we had hiked into Damascus with.  We hadn’t seen them since Pennsylvania!  We had just been hiking with them for ten minutes without knowing who they were.

IMG_20131004_153954_041We all had a good laugh about it and summitted Whitecap soon after.  The views were amazing but we all clustered together on the far side of the mountain to gaze at Katahdin, looming so intimidatingly on our horizon.  The treeline is artificially low on the mountain, making it look with its wild angles and rough yellow rock more like part of the Rocky Mountains than the Appalachians.  LadyMac showed up just in time to see us leaving and threw her hands up in exasperation.

IMG_20131004_163858_344We were eager to catch up to Limey, First Gear, and Greenlite so we didn’t linger long at Logan Brook Shelter but kept moving down the forgiving trail instead, leap frogging with Saint Croix and company for most of the day.  We got to the Cooper Brook Falls Lean-to expecting that we would still need another day or two to catch the other members of our group when we saw a familiar Union Jack Flag hanging.  Although we had yet to catch Greenlite and First Gear, Limey was waiting for us at the shelter.  We made a great fire tonight and fell asleep to the laughing sound of the falls meeting Cooper Brook.