10/5 Nahmakanta Lake camping (18.6)

October 25, 2013 at 5:46 pm

An interesting bridge / staircase combo

IMG_20131005_175657_549Today was so flat!  It’s hard to believe this is the end; There’s only one mountain left, and it keeps reminding us at every viewpoint.  We made it to Antlers campsite in no time at all and admired the double seater privy with a register in it.  Ostensibly it’s for playing tic-tac-toe, which we had to admit was much more feasible than the time consuming game of cribbage.


Despite our lack of variable topography, or perhaps because of it, we had incredible views all day from the lakes along the trail.  The trail was also remarkably nice considering that we skirted waterways most of the day.  At Pemadumcook Lake we were treated to a really epic view of Katahdin rising up from the far end of the lake.  The bluish hue and exposed treeline made it look like one of the glaciers in the Northwest.

IMG_20131005_111807_739We had made plans with Limey that morning to try to make it as far as the top of Nesuntabunt – more of a small hill than a mountain – to see the Katahdin views at sunrise, but we found ourselves stopping short for an unexpected sunset on an unmarked sandy beach.  One of the nicest, most established campsites we had found yet, we were pretty sure that this spot was unmarked for a reason.  IMG_20131005_133601_462It looked like a popular local spot (we crossed our fingers that someone would show up with left over beer and hotdogs but no such luck.)  We found the biggest fire ring we have ever seen and made quite a bonfire with Snakebite, Snacks, LadyMac, Nutella, and St. Croix.  St. Croix and Nutella went to bed earlier but not before St. Croix brought us a giant pile of wood for the fire – “Don’t thank me, thank the beavers.  They’re industrious little fellas!”

IMG_20131005_174852_786The last light of dusk painted the lake an eerie blue for nightfall, so that our conversation was hemmed by the glow of the fire and the glow of the water.  The shadows cast by each danced with each other and loons hooted at each other while Katahdin continued to wait for us, the sleeping giant in the distance.IMG_20131005_195013_647