10/6 Little Beaver Pond Camping (18.2)

October 25, 2013 at 5:47 pm

Flicka didn’t really feel like hiking today.

It was hard to leave our perfect campsite today.  LadyMac and Snacks hung their hammocks up on the beach so they would be greeted by the sun but I’m glad we put our tent behind some tree cover; the winds last night off the lake were icy and piercing.  Fortunately, we are always warm now that we’ve upgraded sleeping bags.
IMG_20131006_110734_300We made it to the next shelter, where it looked like we had some catching up to do with Limey based on the journal entries.

IMG_20131006_111335_603Then it was up to the top of Nesuntabunt, a small climb with a big view. We had quite a photo shoot on top with Katahdin as our background.  We are only a couple of days from reaching it now.

IMG_20131006_111231_494We are hoping to make it as far as Rainbow Ledges tonight, which would put us at the base of the mountain tomorrow.  We stopped for lunch at a logging road bridge and laughed when we had to move twice for cars to pass through the group.  We had no idea the Hundred Mile Wilderness was so civilized. We probably spent a little too much time lazing on the bridge in the sun, because by the time we had made it to the next shelter we were running low on sunlight.


Nutella takes a nap

The entries in the log books have become long manic depressive diatribes, filled with expressions of love and appreciation that transition into melancholy and a morose sense of loss at the trail’s end.  It’s making it quite hard to pass through a shelter quickly.  Flicka was feeling mischievous today with the whole group of us as her audience.  She ran at our heels excitedly and pulled LadyMac all over the place.  LadyMac was a brave woman to cross the bridges with her attached. As the dusk grew around us and quieted our sight, we discussed our options for the night.


No one really wanted to night hike and with our limited knowledge of the Rainbow Ledges and their potential stealth spots, we elected to look for something at Little Beaver Pond, just before we would ascend the ledges.  We found a perfect spot with lots of room for everyone hidden in the trees there and squeezed in together.  It was cozy until a light rain started and we all dove for shelter.  Mark and I can finally admit that our tent is a little too small for two people.  Fortunately, we like each other, but tonight as the rains began we were both thinking about the advantages of having a home in the future that is larger than seven by three and a half.

IMG_20131006_151821_394 IMG_20131006_153523_959