4/15 Hiawassee (~7)

April 15, 2013 at 12:35 pm

60 miles and 5 days finds us in Hiawassee, GA for our first near-o (like a zero day except we had to hike 2 miles).  So far the AT has been a blast.  We’ve witnessed 2 fire disasters, one thunderstorm, and a hungry, ingenious bear yet we’ve somehow managed not to be directly involved with any of them.  We’re traveling with an eclectic band of people who finally named us.  I came out of the trail name game relatively unscathed with ‘chuckles’ (for obvious reasons to those who know me) although Mark got stuck with ‘little spoon’ after unwisely rejecting such illustrious titles as ‘bag foot’ and ‘ladyslipper’.  Fortunately he is an extremely good sport about nicknames, blisters, and hiking 16 miles to his dinner in the Georgian sun.  We are still getting used to the heat down here but it has provided us with a lot of inspiration to hike North quickly. After stopping at an all you can eat buffet and nearly putting them out of business today we walked back to the hiker motel and figured out why everyone moves so slowly in the South.  Only in the South do you get served deep fried corn as an appetizer.  We’re heading back to the trail tomorrow and we should hopefully be in North Carolina on Wednesday