5/8 Erwin, Tennessee! (16.6)

May 8, 2013 at 1:15 pm

We actually managed to get up early and power into town by 2:30, just in time to catch the shuttle from Uncle Jonny’s, which is an interesting hostel and outfitter. What it lacks in sanitation it offers in colorful, though often inebriated, characters. They also boast to be able to fit 27 people into a 11 person van, and we got to witness some of that efficiency along with 15 other hikers, 4 packs, and 2 dogs. The employees were friendly and accommodating, and the van was like a delightfully urban glass bottom boat that allowed us to view Erwin’s exotic streets through gaping corroded holes in the floor.
We finished our resupply, ate a lot of Mexican food, and met a young lad named Moonshine who told us about his recent train hopping experience and embodied the spirit of the South. We found Erwin to be full of helpful people and riding lawnmowers that are willing to forfeit the bike lane to pedestrians.
By the time we were back at the trail and ready to leave, Tennessee was having a characteristic rainstorm again so we turned around and stayed in a hotel with slightly fewer hikers than an Uncle Jonny’s shuttle.