5/9 Food Poisoning or NORO! (0)

May 9, 2013 at 1:15 pm

We woke up this morning to the wondrously free continental breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express. Along with our companions we stuffed our faces in preparation for our hike out.

Maggie and I made our way back to the trail, opting to walk the flat mile fro. The hotel to work off some stomach rumblings that I had from eating too much at breakfast. Arriving at the trail we made out maybe half a mile before Maggie asked if I would set pace in the front. I confessed I couldn’t do the day period – I was sick. We sat a while until I could move the half mile back to Uncle Johnny’s hostel which included hopping over a parked train.

At the hostel I made excessive use of the facilities while .Maggie secured housing at the nearby Super 8. Arriving at Super 8 we saw our friends Phillip and Andy who had also been ravaged by the same sickness. Getting into our room, I purged in every way I knew how for several hours before settling into a catatonic state in the soft blue glow of day time TV.

Lady Mac who had hiked out the previous night also fell ill and had to return to town to rest up. Everyone who got sick ate a similar dish at the same restaurant. We’re not sure if this is a red herring, just distracting us from the likely cause of NORO or if it was truly the fault of the restaurant. If it were. NORO, Maggie would be sick too since it is highly communicable. However, a day later Genie got sick and she never ate at the restaurant.

Regardless, after a day in Maggie’s care I’m doing well, eating solid foods and ready to do some hiking!