5/13 Mountaineer Shelter (18)

May 13, 2013 at 1:28 pm

We left the barn late today; the allure of the warm fire and the view (not to mention lingering company) was much stronger than our desire to crawl out of our sleeping bags and face the frosty morning. Eventually our anticipation to hike the trail weaving up the meadow in front of us conquered our reservations and we were treated to another day of beautiful balds. The views were great but the winds were icy and we were glad to have had a late start when we saw the ice crystals in the mud.

We planned to hike as far as we could to get closer to our goal of Damascus but then we went to town and ate a 2000 calorie lunch. It was a great decision. We hitched into Roan with the help of a large gregarious red bearded man named Uke, who people are strangely very inclined to pick up. After our obscene burgers, more akin to a farm yard than a meal, we got back to the trail and hiked as fast as we were able to with our distended stomachs. We managed to make it to the shelter just as dark fell and slept soundly (and warmly) with full bellies.

This is the only reason anyone picked us up.


No one knows who carved this giant bear totem and moved it into the third floor loft of the shelter, but it guards hikers and sometimes wears t-shirts, sunglasses, or sports-bras.