5/14 Kincora! (16)

May 14, 2013 at 1:29 pm

The trail is a way of life for is now, and any way of life is subject to the mundane from time to time. Even an awe inspiring experience requires some banality to make it sustainable in the long run. That being said, today was boring. The terrain was dull, consistent ups and downs, the surrounding forest and landmarks were bland, and our only view for the day was unfortunately marred by the remains of an intrepid defecating hiker. On a related note, when the woods are full of ‘facilitrees’, as one older gentleman told us, it is not cool to ruin a perfectly good rock ledge.

Not all white blazes are friendly to insects. This is also the most interesting thing we saw today.

In any event, it was not only a boring day of hiking; it was also our 3 year anniversary together. Even though we felt a lot of pressure to reach Damascus on time, we also wanted to do something different and fun. We decided to stay at the Kincora Hostel. We had heard it was run by Bob Peoples (whom we were told was great Peoples) who ran a volunteer trail building project after Trail Days every year. We decided to take a break after the day’s monotonous rollercoaster and walked the short road walk to Bob’s. What we found was gaggle of older guys smoking on the front porch of a simple cabin-style building that had one shower, two bathrooms, and almost as many cats as bunkbeds. There was a bunkhouse behind the cabin as well, but there was a full house that night. A tan, wiry man who looked to be in his 60’s looked us up and down through his cigarette smoke and said, “there’s probably room in the treehouse.” We scrambled up the path out back to find a tiny house with a wrap around porch hiding 30 or so feet up in the trees, hanging off a ledge and supported by boards nailed to the protesting pines. It had little windows and was just big enough to hold a full size mattress. We threw our sleeping bags on it and got to shower and do laundry while Baltimore Jack and the other hostel goers made an incredible dinner. Sleeping in our nest in the trees, clean and full of real steak and salad, we felt like we made the right choice.