5/22 Stealth Camping (5.4)

May 22, 2013 at 1:40 pm

We hiked 5 miles today. Yes, this is leas than a 10k. We’re not proud people. After the torrential downpour last night we were afraid to take any more chances so when we heard the thunder rumbling over the mountains at us again, we discussed our options. We were about to start our climb up into the Greyson Highlands and neither of us wanted to be caught by any more hail or soaked above 5000 feet again. Thus, when the clouds got ugly and swooped in, we set up our tent in a low flat spot and tried to wait out the storm. The only problem was that the storm didn’t abate. It was a much gentler rain than last night but it was consistent. All day, the thunder and lightning were above us and, after a few soggy hours of trying to wait it out, we decided to stay the night and try to get an early start. With Trail Days over our only immediate deadline is based on how much food we have. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.