5/24 Trimpi Shelter (20)

May 24, 2013 at 1:43 pm

Today was long and fulfilling.  We were the first out of the shelter today, which never happens because we usually leave after nine, and today was no exception.  The rest of the people in the shelter were hiding from the elements in warm sleeping bags and we envied them as we wiggled back into our wet layers.  It was in the thirties again, but getting warmer as the morning progressed, and after we struggled through some winds on the exposed balds, we re-entered treeline and normalcy for a little while.

Eventually, the day turned into something we actually wanted to hike in (aided by Mark, who sings loudly whenever he is miserable, making him a great hiking companion).


We hiked twenty miles today, but the miles seemed to fly by without us even noticing.  The day was brisk but ideal for hiking, and it kept us moving to stay warm.  At the end of the day we saw a flyer attached to a tree.  We were pretty wary about these – too many times we had been tragically disappointed by a ‘Hiker feed!’ sign that advertised delicious food at the next gap any time before yesterday – but this time the sign was for the next gap all day tomorrow.  We were ecstatic and skipped the next four miles to the shelter.  It felt like a slumber party on the night before Christmas.  We found Zach Galifinakis and Six, and met a crew of new people including The Big Galoot and Scaredy Cat.  Ghost and Survivor showed up later in the evening, night hiking.  We were all so excited about the hiker feed the next day, we could barely sleep.  We laid awake debating what food was going to be there.