6/3 Bland View (20)

June 3, 2013 at 1:53 pm

We finally got our fabled earlier start (although we were still some of the last ones put of the shelter.) It didn’t rain much today, and my wet boots slowly dried throughout the day. Not quickly enough, though. After our rainy Spring, my Vasques have completely fallen apart. With the lining in pieces, my feet are being rubbed raw by the rough edges and the constant wetness is exacerbating things. As long as we can make it to Daleville, though, I’ve got new shoes waiting. Mark’s feet aren’t much better and we’ve got some impressive body blisters from our wet clothes that reopened after our trail vacation. We are both hoping against hope that tomorrow’s weather spares us. Today would be our 25th day of hiking in the rain out of the last 30. At this point though, we’re just grumpy and lumpy but out of danger, since we’re done with our elevation and temperatures are above freezing for good.

As for our day, we hiked all day with Mr. Quixote and camped at a perfect view spot. Deer, cows, and the breathtaking blooms of the Flame Azaleas brightened our day but struggled to compete with the promise of a milkshake in only one more day…