6/4 Suspension Bridge (20)

June 4, 2013 at 1:54 pm

Today was just all about the milkshake. We woke up early, wrapped our pathetic hamburger feet in duct tape and gauze, taped down the sores on our backsides, and hiked 20 miles under ominous clouds. It was simultaneously awful and exhilarating. I got a heat rash around both ankles from my gaiters. We reached the suspension bridge that led to the road with 45 minutes to spare before Trent’s closed. As I rushed towards the bridge, three hikers called to me with an offer that was disorienting for a minute. “You want some cold beer and roasted ham?” I just stared at them, sweaty, bumpy with blisters and bugbites, and completely wild looking, and heard myself say, “I’ve just got to get to this milkshake.”

Mark and DQ quickly caught up and I remembered my manners. We all gratefully accepted a beer and talked with Uncle Buck, The Lucky One, and Alaska for a minute. They looked at their watches then and told us to drop our bags and run for it and we did. We crossed the rickety suspension bridge and ran the last half mile. As we rounded the corner and the sun angled in at Trent’s, I almost cried for the first time on the trip. I can admit to being a little emotional about the milkshake.

Some unexpectedly scenic areas of trail.

Victorious and very sore, we limped back to the bridge and ate hot ham with the other 3 hikers while we exchanged stories. Then Mark helped me out of my shoes and put me to bed exhausted.

A warning to the hikers.