6/5 Woods Hole (15)

June 5, 2013 at 1:55 pm

Today we rewarded ourselves for the past two days of 20s and walked a flat 15 to Woods Hole, a fantastic hostel that has been around for AT hikers since the early 80s and is still run by the descendants of the original owners.

Our way was lit up with Pink Azaleas as well as the Flame, and bold Rhododendron blooms.

We ate lunch at a manmade pond with some Canadian Geese. Otherwise it was a day with few views and an unfortunate malaise brought on by lurking rain clouds. We made it to the hostel dry, though, and secured a spot on the floor once we chased the chickens away. We found a big crowd of familiar faces and beautiful old barns filled with all the amenities a hiker could need. We slept to the sound of rain, wind chimes, and at one point a discouraged sounding Bobcat outside.

This guy had just climbed out of the cocoon so was a very patient model for us.