6/7 Campsite outside Pearisburg (15)

June 7, 2013 at 1:58 pm


The bunkhouse with Smiles and Nameless

It was hard to drag ourselves away from Woods Hole after our stay there, but somehow we managed. I took an all out offensive approach to rain and my feet, employing duct tape, plastic bags, pieces of poncho material, and some homemade gaiters.

The day passed quickly hiking and talking with Wings and DQ. It was misty and we spent most of the day in a leaky cloud, but the flowers in full bloom made it look like a rainforest.

Neville, who owns Woods Hole and has spent her summers there since she was very little, said this was a return to the original weather of the area, which was strangely more uplifting to hear than the usual “Lot more rain on the AT than normal this year. Tough luck.” We are learning to embrace the rain as a necessary thing for the mountains here, and we are finding more comfortable ways to walk in it.


Plus, we get beautiful views like this one! Lunch time at the end of the world.

We finally managed the impossibility of a resupply in town without a hotel room in town, but only because we just stayed somewhere (also, everything in Pearisburg was booked). We did, however, go to the all you can eat Chinese buffet because it would have been a hiker sin not to.

We were out of Pearisburg at dusk and we hiked the last 2 miles uphill in the dark with our headlamps. The tunnel vision and the interesting conversation made the trek go quickly actually and we almost forgot we were climbing out of town. We went to sleep as soon as we reached the campground, grateful for cheese and flat ground.



A very exhausted Mark in his cocoon.