6/8 The Captain’s (15)

June 8, 2013 at 1:59 pm

We found ourselves taking another late start today, this time much deserved due to our 11pm arrival at camp. After a leisurely breakfast, we finished the final bit of the climb out of Pearisburg, stopping after a few miles at the Rice Field Shelter to take in the views of the mountain meadow and marvel at the “scenic privy” consisting of a toilet seat that someone hiked up, stacked on a pile of rocks.


It was unused. Luckily, everyone knew it was a joke.

At the shelter, we found the most convincing false outlet that we have seen yet, a full box with the wires disappearing into the shelter wall. Talking with Uncle Buck a few days later, he shared with us his story of a hiker trying to use the false outlet to charge his phone. Perplexed that it wasn’t working, he asked the other hikers who were stifling their laughter why it wasn’t working. Uncle Buck suggested that he go check the (nonexistent) fuse box over at the privy, which he did – returning after 10 minutes with a burning red face.


The false outlet



Our story teller, Uncle Buck

The day was one of¬† relatively easy terrain, hiking along a ridge line with the destination¬† of the Captain’s – a camp ground at the house of a trail angel accessible from the AT only by a zipline across a river.

The zipline consisted of a wooden seat and a hook to hang your pack and poles. Once seated, a fellow hiker shuttles you across the river. We spent the night at the campground in the company of Wings, DQ, Maker and several others we just met.


So zip-liney!