6/9 Laurel Creek Shelter (17.3)

June 9, 2013 at 2:00 pm

Another beautiful day that ended with a thunderclap. We started our morning with a zip line and left the Captain’s laughing. The day was muggy, but sunny and hopeful looking. We thought we might have another nice day throughout the morning, but the temperature dropped when we stopped at the first shelter and we cursed the pessimists who put on their pack covers.



The weather held long enough for us to have a beautiful sunny lunch spot on the rocks.

Don’t trust those pretty clouds.

We met a lot of day hikers at this scenic outlook and got to be zoo animals again for a while as they asked us questions. We continued on and marveled at the Mountain Laurel, which is in full bloom right now.


On our way uphill toward the shelter, the clouds finally ganged up on us. The first storm wasn’t bad and, while it was heavy, didn’t last long. My feet stayed miraculously dry and we investigated some rocks off the trail with a beautiful view.

As we ran the last bit to the shelter, the clouds started regrouping for their second attack. We reached the shelter just in time and yelled out in excitement – only to realize it was full. We managed to stay pretty dry in our tent regardless, and although we coveted the dry space during the first part of the storm, the thunder eventually quieted down enough to let us hear the other rumbling – the snorers – coming from the shelter’s direction.


We also climbed maybe a dozen of these fence stiles today. We hate these.