6/11 Four Pines Hostel (16.8)

June 11, 2013 at 2:03 pm

Trail magic this morning! After packing up and hiking the 2 miles down to the nearest gap, we were met by Papa Smurf and two of the Wounded Warriors, Mama Goose and Machine providing magic in the form of some cold beers and snickers bars! While imbibing, the local news showed up to interview the Warriors about their effort to raise awareness of the difficulties faced by returning veterans. We may be in some of the b-roll footage looking smelly and dirty.




The trail after the gap was flooded out for about  quarter mile due to the recent heavy rains. We had to throw fallen limbs across the streams to cross with minimally wet feet.

The main event of our day was a climb of Dragon’s Back – a long and rock ridge climb culminating at Dragon’s Tooth, a 75 foot rock outcropping with tremendous views. We played on the rocks for about an hour before the falling sun suggested that we start our descent to the Four Pines Hostel.



Dragon’s Tooth!

Expecting a quick downhill to the hostel, we were surprised to encounter a rocky trail akin to the ones at home in New Hampshire. We climbed down at a sluggish rate, throwing our poles down steep drops so that we could climb down with our hands free to grasp. The first part of the climb took so long that we finished in the dark (again…) and arrived at the hostel after 9pm.

The hostel was a 3-bay garage with a few couches, some cots and a shower. Upon entering, we were immediately faced with our old friend Uke! He had been at the hostel for about a week as he recovered from two Brown Recluse bites, one on his leg and the other on his rear end. It turns out that a Brown Recluse bite, left untreated, begins to eat away at your flesh. His went untreated for 4 days before he went to the hospital for a disgusting procedure that he video taped and gleefully showed to anyone with enough morbid curiosity. We went to bed late, our dreams haunted by Brown Recluses.


We are consistently amazed by the variety of hostels out here.