6/12 Lambert’s Meadow Shelter (16.3)

June 12, 2013 at 2:04 pm

Our first stop today was at the Catawba Grocery, about a mile from the hostel for a small resupply to get us to Daleville tomorrow and a quick breakfast sandwich.

Full and refueled, we started our walk up to McAfee Knob, a rocky ledge that hangs out into the sky, so often visited that it is allegedly the most photographed spot on the AT. The trail was nicely graded and fairly easy which after yesterday’s descent from Dragon’s Tooth caused our attention to wander, which proved terrible for DQ. He suffered an ankle sprain on some flat ground – letting out a terrible yelp as he tumbled downward.

After some time, Aleeve and an Ace bandage we continued the rest of the trip to the Knob, braving the muggy 95 degree weather. We were rewarded with fantastic views of the knob. We took turns sitting on the edge and taking photos of each other and generally marveled at the view.


Slighlty before Maggie shoved me off the edge.

We still had another 6 miles and Tinker’s Cliffs ahead of us. We aimed to hit the 1/2 mile cliffwalk at sunset, and due to a wildly inaccurate topographic map, arrived only slightly after, completing the cliffs in twilight.


The remains of the sunset

Once more, we finished our hike in the dark, with DQ, another Chuckles and Miller. This may be our last night hike for a little while, as we learned the hard way  that the snakes tend to come out during the first few hours of the evening. DQ, after his sprain was paying extra close attention to the trail and spotted both a rattlesnake and a copperhead within striking distance of us as we walked! Bite free, we made it to the shelter and set up camp.