6/13 Daleville (9.4)

June 13, 2013 at 2:05 pm

We woke up early determined to hike to Daleville before the humidity broke today and emptied the clouds onto us.

The going was slow with Maggie’s boots now being nothing more than the memory of a shoe and DQ’s ankle looking like a grapefruit stuck on a stick.

We passed Hay’s Rocks, a gorgeous collection of boulders that are often spray painted by local youths to proclaim their personal awesomeness or ask a girl to prom. At the rocks, we began to hear thunder in the distance and our motley bunch quickened the pace, knowing we had only a few miles to go. We made it into Daleville and under the Howard Johnson’s awning with only seconds to spare before the heavens opened up, pouring rain and hail with, as the next day’s newspaper reported, 70mph winds.



A Prompsoal painted on the rocks

Glad to be out of the woods, we were treated to a ride to lunch by Uncle Buck who somehow acquired¬†some hiker’s girlfriend’s car to keep us all out of the rain.



We beat this gross stuff.

We spent the rest of the night ecstatically dry and doing our typical town chores.