6/18 Daleville – Wilson Creek Shelter (11.2)

June 18, 2013 at 8:36 pm

We have joined the next wave of the future and gotten a tiny keyboard which should cut down on the time that we lovingly devote to our blog. This means that we will be able to switch the format a little and (hopefully) do more daily posting, depending on whether or not Verizon has deemed our current neck of the woods as 3G worthy or not. With this new device, readers should experience pictures of us looking more tech-savvy and naturally more attractive, as well as roughly 30% less complaining. On that note, I can officially put my blistered foot in my mouth regarding my rain complaints. I was pretty grumpy this morning, re-starting the trail after 4 beautiful days that we had off for the wedding. Huddling pathetically in a coffee shop, we stared out the window at the buckets of water being dumped on Daleville and decided we had been cursed at Hot Springs. After a little patience and a lot of icecream, though, the deluge turned into a light sprinkle and we got moving. The weather, I can now admit, was perfect for hiking and we stayed dry all day.


The usefulness of seam sealing a tent was difficult to explain to housekeeping. Especially for a naked Mark, who did not expect to see anyone when he stepped out of the shower.

Expecting thunder storms tonight, we camped at the second shelter we saw and decided (as optimistically as ever) we would get our proverbial early start in the morning. The fact that this hope almost never actually manifests itself is never a deterrent. We are full of energy, for now, and so happy to be back on the trail. After weeks of feeling a nostalgic ache to be coming home again to a familiar house and familiar people, we realized that the trail promises that as well. Sitting in the shelter tonight, listening to the familiar bird calls, night insects, and, of course, soft snoring, we felt at home again.