6/23 Buena Vista (11.3)

July 1, 2013 at 2:59 pm

We got sucked into the town vortex today. I was feeling much revived after the long rest at Punch Bowl so we made good time into Buena Vista (or as the locals say, ‘Beeoona Vista’).  It might have been the friendliest town on the AT so far, although there wasn’t much to it.  We came in on a Sunday, when everything was closed, but we got rides everywhere we needed to go without even trying.  One old man, known as ‘the legend’, has been shuttling hikers around since the seventies.  He told us all sorts of stories about Baltimore Jack and others from the 80s and 90s and dropped us off in front of the BlueDogArt Cafe, the hostel in town.  We assured him we weren’t going to stay in town but thanked him for the ride and got pizza with The Voice, who told us about his own harrowing night at the Punchbowl the night before us. During our night, we were entertained by a screech owl, ghost stories in the shelter log, a dead squirrel in our water source, and some very gregarious mice on top of our tent.  We can hardly compare with The Voice, though, who also met with a bear.