6/24 The Priest Shelter (20.6)

July 1, 2013 at 3:00 pm

We decided early today that we were going to make it to the Priest to camp at the view spot.  BlueDog served us a solid breakfast and then whisked us back to the trail mid morning.  The ride in the back of the truck wasn’t easy on Steady Eddie’s hair.


Like a fresh spring chicken.

Our climb back up to the ridge was, as usual, made more difficult by our full town packs and lazy town bellies but we found a great lunch spot.


More balds! We missed the open panoramic views.


The rest of the day we built up some speed as we hiked the rolling hills of Virginia so that when we heard the first peals of thunder, we were ready to really start moving.  About five miles from the Priest Shelter the thunder started and it echoed all around us as we hiked and, at some points, ran.  We ran into the shelter just as the rain started to get a little heavier.  We had hiked our last 6.5 miles, including the uphill to the Priest, in a little over 2 hours, making this one of our fastest, albeit weather motivated, hikes so far.

The stormy night sky just before we made it to dry, dry safety.