6/26 Waynesboro (19.3)

July 9, 2013 at 1:58 pm


This was the most incredible breakfast of our lives (sorry Mom).

The brewery makes a special hiker breakfast for the lost souls who show up in their field, served before they open up to the rest of the public. It costs almost nothing for hikers and there was steak, eggs, cheddar biscuits, homemade sticky buns, homefries, and fresh fruit. After serving us the waitress actually asked us what beer we wanted with breakfast, which is a phrase that I have been waiting my whole life to hear. Although it got us on the trail a little later, we were better prepared for our twenty miles than we have been before.

This moose watched us eat food.

We had great weather to climb Humpback Mountain and we hurried on to the Rocks to take a picture in the same spot Mark’s mom took one years ago.

The picture!


Also, more Promposals.  I’m pretty sure
Mark is doing this  now.

While we were there, a storm started to come in over the valley and we ran back to the AT and our heavy packs amid raindrops.


The rest of the day was spent hurrying to the road we were planning to meet the Big Galoot on. We were excited to be seeing him and Scaredy Cat again and we knew they’d be picking us up late as it was. About two miles from the last shelter we saw a big black bear amble out into the middle of the trail and cross it. We stopped and started banging our poles together to make noise and scare her away, but then she turned around and started walking back toward the trail. We realized why when we saw the little cub in front of us. He was so small we didn’t even notice him until he started to run, panicked, away from our noise. He tried to climb a tree but was too young and fell off, then ran away to our immense relief. The mother followed while we continued to make noise and back up. Mark made up a very convincing and loud song about how big and disinterested in eating bear cubs we were.

We made it to the shelter, which had a memorial bench erected for one of Galoot’s old hiking accomplices, SeaBreeze. There was a good crowd of people we had been hiking with there, but we knew we had to get water and keep moving. The last five miles were nice terrain but as we climbed up out of the shelter gap, we had to chase away another curious bear, prompting us to spend the last hour of our day singing duets at the top of our lungs.  We hiked through fireflies in the balmy night to Rockfish Gap, where Galoot and Scaredy Cat whisked us away to the high society of Waynesboro, VA.