6/27 Zero in Waynesboro!

July 9, 2013 at 2:28 pm

A lazy day was had by all. Except Galoot and Scaredy Cat, who made us lots of food and shuttled us around Waynesboro. It was a very busy day for them.  The primary work we did, aside from resupplying, was eating all the food in Waynesboro.  Fortunately, we saved the maximum amount of energy by being driven to all of it.  Mark also told me I have to mention that he won a scrabble game with the four of us.  It was actually an embarrassing abuse of Southern Hospitality that has probably left our kind hosts with the impression that they housed rude, cold blooded Yankees.  At least we get to walk back into the woods with our pride, like our lingering odor, still intact.  Thanks for hosting us guys!