6/28 Slackpack to Blackrocks (20)

July 9, 2013 at 2:28 pm

We were lucky enough to have a pretty uninspiring stretch of trail fast-forwarded for us today.  Feeling like really tough hikers, we woke up in an 11 year old girl’s room, drank coffee leisurely, walked a mostly flat twenty miles through a green tunnel, and then got driven back to Waynesboro for chicken dinner.  People really don’t realize the hardships that we suffer on the trail.

The weather was perfect and the terrain at the beginning of the Shenandoahs was very kind to us, but the beginning of the park didn’t offer much in the way of views.  We did have one view on a small bald at Little Calf Mountain.

Otherwise, we somehow managed to not run into a single thru hiker, perhaps because everyone in our bubble is still in Waynesboro listening to the siren song of the all you can eat Chinese buffet?  A likely possibility.  Regardless, Scaredy Cat cooked a mean chicken.