6/29 Pinefield Hut (14)

July 9, 2013 at 2:30 pm

After another great breakfast and a lift to the trail head, we left our magnanimous friends to clean the hiker stench out of their daughter’s room and probably bleach the shower in our wake.  Thanks again guys!

The firs thing we saw today, after our griping about the lack of views, was actually Black Rocks, which are pretty amazing.

Getting back to the trail was hard after good food and good company.  It seemed like a lonely green tunnel.  Then campers offered us beers and it got less lonely for a little while.  Soon after the beer summit, Mark started to lose power.  He admitted to feeling pretty exhausted even during our slackpack, and was feeling feverish and tired now.  We both knew what that meant, which is that couples tend to share colds and he probably had my headcold of the week before.  We cut the day short in Pinefield and met several of the hikers from our bubble as they trickled in from Waynesboro.  We are both hoping the rest does some good.

Just some more mountains and a sunset.  Don’t look if you’re getting jaded.