6/30 Hightop Hut or ‘Death March part 2’ (8.2)

July 9, 2013 at 2:32 pm

Today was Mark’s personal death march for the 8.2 miles between shelters.  He thought he was feeling up to it, but his fever really got him down and he ended the day, exhausted, sleeping in the shelter we planned to get water at.  We are reaching a certain level of calm and comfort with the mileage we are doing.  Even though we have taken some short days or zeros to let our bodies rest, we’re feeling rejuvenated and confident about getting to Maine on time.  Perhaps it’s the green tunnel zen that’s influencing us, but another 1300 miles seems pretty achievable.

The trees are closing in…

We’re ready to be done with Virginia, done with head colds, and done with the Shenandoahs, where there seem to be more tourists than views, but we are simultaneously grateful that we get to spend every day just walking.  Hopefully this feeling continues past the green tunnel to the Pennsylvania rocks.