7/10 Ensign Cowall Shelter (15.7)

July 15, 2013 at 6:47 pm

Today was another relaxed day in Maryland.  It was a flat day, but it felt much longer than fifteen miles because of the rocks, which no one really warns you about in Maryland.  We’ve heard enough to write a book about the rocks in Pennsylvania, but Maryland was a bumpy hazardous surprise.  We started out later today, enjoying the beautiful shelters in Maryland a little too much.  We’re finding the midAtlantic states have shelters nice enough to live in, which can prove to be a little too tempting to thru hikers in their third month of living in the woods. 

We got fantastic trail magic today from a guy named Tumbleweed, who has been hiking the trail in sections for a while now.  We found ourselves hanging out in one of Maryland’s many historic parks for a while today drinking gatorade and eating oreos.  Then we had to hike again, because our friend Jess B. came to visit on the trail.  She actually brought us food for a resupply and pizzas!  The food was well received by all at the campsite (Miller and the Lady Tribe) and we had a great night talking about the trail.  Jess, a previous thru hike starter, was great for our motivation.  Still in the ambiguous middle ground between the psychological halfway point and the literal half way point, we were losing some of our drive, but after talking to someone whose dream it is to hike the AT, we remembered what we were doing.



What Maryland lacks in scenic views it makes up for with old historic relics. 

Thanks for the visit and the words of encouragement Jess!