7/15 Boiling Springs (4)

July 17, 2013 at 6:22 pm


We accidentally neroed into Boiling Springs today.  When we woke up, the temperature was perfect and the sun was just beginning to peak through the tree leaves.  So we packed up and started moving towards town in good spirits.  As we walked, the temperature just kept going up.  Then we walked through an exposed cornfield.

So, when a stranger pulled up and offered us air conditioning, we willingly climbed into this van:


This is possibly one of the least expected but most dangerous side effects of heat stroke.

But not before getting some great shots of the little town of Boiling Springs….


This swan chills out at the pond there.


The “boiling spring” itself, water escapes this natural spring so quickly it looks like it is actually boiling.

Also, our savior in the van did not kill us but in fact whisked us away from the 100 degree heat to his air conditioned house.  We swam off of his dock, showered, and did laundry.  Kevin, or ‘Hillbilly MountainMan’ made us steaks for dinner and pancakes for breakfast and let us sleep in his air conditioned garage…


Sleeping in a garage is now the highlight of our week.

We met the whole family while we were there!



Tomorrow we’ll have to go back to reality and just hike in the heat.  It’s supposed to be in the high 90s and 100s for the next week, so it’s time to put our pores to work.

Thanks for saving us, Kevin and company!