7/20 Eagles Nest Shelter (19.2)

July 24, 2013 at 10:03 pm


It’s a countdown!  Not only to the end of PA, but to Maine itself.  It’s been hard not to jump ahead to the states we’re coming up on.  For one thing, we never thought we would be so eager to get to New Jersey.  But now, all we can think about is reaching the border and beginning to check off states every week.  We’re pulled in now by a forward momentum, and despite our previous gripes about PA, we’ve been able to make good time through its flat terrain.  Every day we wake up feeling invincible – and then take our first step only to remember how very fallible and mortal we are.  Each morning we have to wake up our swollen feet, our creaky knees, our sore legs.  Our bodies feel so heavy and earthbound, but our minds are soaring ahead to Katahdin.


Home to what Edward Abbey called “those fuzzy little blue hills”, PA sometimes surprises us with a rustic beauty.

We woke up to find most of our bubble had night hiked in to camp up the hill from the shelter, which we had had completely to ourselves the night before.  We walked the quick four miles to the 501 shelter and revived ourselves with a quick solar shower. 


Pennsylvania has great shelters – bunk beds and a shower complete this one.

After a long break we started out on the other 15 miles of our trek.  The bugs are a little bit better since the heat broke, and we’re adjusting to the creative terrain.