7/21 Windsor Furnace Shelter (15)

July 26, 2013 at 8:54 am

Our hike in to town today was absurdly steep, leading us off cliffs and down frightening rockslides, only to be greeted by this sign:


Note an incredulous First Gear in the background.

We also found this sign interesting:


Only in PA.

Today family came to revive us, though. Our morning was fueled by that thought, and we hiked quickly over the rocks to Port Clinton, where we were greeted by Mark’s Uncle Bob and his cousin Scot. It was really good to see familiar faces in the middle of such a long journey.


Bob and Scot sporting our new purchases.

They got the full hiker experience! After meeting us right when we got off the trail, they brought us to all the stores we needed to go to and watched with amusement as every smelly, bearded degenerate we passed knew who we were. Of course, the local outfitter was sold out of bug nets after the hiker bubble descended on them, but we did find some camouflage nets in the hunting department. We are now the most bug free pile of leaves on the trail. Then they took us out for lunch and brought us to the Hiker Pavilion, where the tents, lounging half naked hikers and mysterious hiker box full of old food and ziploc bags truly illustrated the itinerant lifestyle we are living…


That actually is a man passed out in the background.

We were really revitalized after the visit, and it left us looking forward to seeing more family along the way in PA!  We hiked six miles out to sleep at the first shelter and counted our blessings here.  Thanks Uncle Bob and Scot!!